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I-Alert (CCTV Cameras)

State of the art cameras equipped with night vision capabilities and other high end software monitor day to day activities at the premise of installation. The images recorded can be live streamed onto your tablet Wi-Fi device and even zoomed into, to identify culprits in case of unfortunate events. Such as burglaries or break-ins. We also offer the ease of monitoring them all from one place or trusting us with your security via our Central Monitoring System (CMS).

AEIGS has applied technologies from various corners of the world to make things better and simpler, we provide security solutions that are smarter, innovative and more user friendly. We offer an extensive portfolio of the finest end to end imaging, intelligent analog, hybrid and IP video surveillance equipment ranging from CCTV cameras, high definition IP cameras and split dome cameras, flame proof and explosion proof cameras for extreme applications to DVRS, NVRS ,mobile DVRS, NAS, encoders, video door phones accessories' and more.There are also end to end networking solutions which form the backbone for smooth and hassle free, high bandwidth data management required for today's security applications.

Thus proving that we have left no segment unsecured and no application unexplored. We have provided our solutions' to top residential, city surveillance, government, institutions', banking,finance, retail, commercial, education, health care, sports, leisure manufacturing, industrial and many others.

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