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My Cop

This is an advanced security system that employs electronic automation via a series of sensors connected to your doors and windows that are connected to your panel to prevent intruders who dare to breach the system. The system gives out a siren and alerts the CMS station.

Mycop Edge

The MYCOP monitored system is linked to our Central Monitoring Station that operates 24 x 7 that can summon appropriate help when the any alarm goes off. Tactical and medical assistance arrives within minutes of an alert of intrusion, fire, or Medical Emergency has been triggered.

Smoke detectors are employed to sense potential fire threats and immediately trigger alarms for immediate response from emergency services, even when you are away from home.

A Panic button serves as a single press call for assistance in times of emergency. Once pressed the panic button initiates a chain of events regulated and planned to ensure your complete safety.

The Client immediately receives a call to ascertain the nature of the emergency and the appropriate response team is triggered into action.

Additionally, any encroachment in your absence is also monitored and immediately reported to the authorities. Accidents are inevitable and prevention is better than cure.

How does MYCOP work?

Once the panel in your house is triggered for Burglary,fire or medical Help our 24x7 monitoring station will be alerted. The CMS will immediately access your address and inform the local fire station.

Police Station or Ambulance Services as required. Rest assured that any help you need will reach your house within minutes.

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