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Touch Home Automation

This intelligent system lets you "talk" to your house via a touch interface. With the entire house bound into a cohesive entity, every aspect is easily controlled by a few strokes of the hand. Of special importance is the fact that you can do this even when you are not physically home. With connectivity that crosses every border, you could dim the lights in your bedroom from half a world away!

Dynamic Lighting Access:

Touch Home Automation puts you in control of the lighting in your premises. Depending on your requirements and, even your mood, you can adjust the brightness or power consumption of your light fixtures, all with the touch of a screen

Media and Entertainment:

Taking your music with you has never been so easy! The media center allows you to play music throughout the house via the integrated speaker system while also allowing you to connect to your media server to watch movies and listen to music on your devises anywhere in your home.

Security and Surveillance

Touch Home Automation lets you leave home without a worry in the world. No longer do you fret about Burglars, gas leaks, or electrical fires,. Why? Because in case of any such mishap you and the emergency services are immediately alerted. It allows you to watch your CCTV surveillance footage from anywhere on the globe!

Utility Control

When you automate your home it is a thrill to be able to control utilities via a touch pad from inside and outside your home. Setting up Your AC’s Geyser to just the right temperature before you get home, or setting the microwave to heat food while you watch a movie! Open your gate, water your garden.

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