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Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum Systems are the best way to economically clean your spaces, noiselessly and efficiently. It cuts the time and cost of maintaining a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Vacuum inlets are placed at strategic locations in the premises like a plug-n-play system.

The dust is collected at a centralized place and is drained out with the central drainage system, so you always have healthier air in the rooms. It is efficiently vacuums wet and dry areas. Since there is no heavy equipment to drag around it is easier and noiseless. These are the most convenient means of keeping your home, office and surroundings clean. These systems are installed in homes by means of a network of pipes.

Aegis Central Vacuum Systems: Advanced technology & reduced burden

Aegis Central Vacuum Systems is the latest technological solution that Vacuums your space without having to drag heavy equipment around the house or commercial space.

Vacuum inlets are strategically located around the place, which are in turn connected to a central vacuum unit. These systems are installed in homes/offices by means of a network of pipes. The main unit will be positioned in the garage area, utility room or dry area.

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Central Vacuum Systems offers great advantages:

  • Eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area thus ensuring healthier air quality
  • Eliminate the need to carry a heavy unit from room to room or up and down the stairs offering unparalleled convenience
  • Quieter functioning gives more peace, than traditional vacuums. Remember that the power unit is located elsewhere
  • Just suck it and forget it. No need to clean the dust bags. The sucked dust will collect in a central vacuum unit and gets automatically cleaned with the water and drained into the septic tank.
  • Efficient in picking up both solids and liquids efficiently making your cleaning process a lot easier.
  • Automatically drain out dirty liquids without need for human contact
  • This cleaning process will not only leave the environment very clean but will also dramatically improve indoor air quality.