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Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

Fresh air systems and also the central vacuum systems are especially important for the hospitality segment. It increases the efficiency of the cleaning staff and also the quality of food and working environment.

Fresh Air systems help clean the indoor air especially suitable for Hotel kitchens and other hazardous areas. The quality of the indoor air environment is vastly compromised due to heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Statistics show that polluted indoor air aggravates or causes 50% of all illnesses. Contaminants in the heating and air conditioning systems can be spread throughout an entire home, office or commercial building. Dust and microbial contamination are major contributors to respiratory tract infections and result in illnesses.

Reduce or Eliminate Odors- Bacteria and mold can grow in HVAC systems or ducts when excess moisture, dirt and the right temperature is present. Ultimately exposing children, elderly, asthma sufferers, your family, friends, loved ones and clients to dangerous bacteria. Mold and mildew will leave a nasty odor in your home or business sure to be detected by most.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems for Homes and Commercial Set-ups

Aegis Fresh Air Ventilation system controls the quality of air inside your premises by filtering the incoming air through Pre-filter, Carbon filter, and HEPA filter thus eliminating dust and other microbes measuring up to 2.5 microns.
Excess humidity and airborne pollutants can easily get trapped in indoor air resulting in mold, condensation, and other issues that can have serious consequences for the structure of your home or business premises—and for the health of its occupants.

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Advantages of using Aegis fresh Air ventilation System, include:

  • Get continuous supply of fresh, filtered outside air
  • Energy-efficient units that remove airborne pollutants and reduce humidity by exhausting stale indoor air to the exterior
  • Enhances air quality and comfort for a healthier home
  • Opening a window may sound like a great way to flush stale air out, but it also lets in outdoor pollutants
  • Our budget-friendly, energy-efficient supply fans allow filtered fresh air in only when you need it
  • Fresh Air System reduces AC consumption upto 50%