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Home Automation

Aegis: One of the Best Home Automation Companies In Hyderabad

Aegis offers high-end home automation solutions to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, appliances, CCTV and home security. Our home automation system connects controlled devices to a central “hub” or “gateway”. The user interface for control of the automation system uses either wall-mounted terminals, tablet PC or desktop computers, mobile phone application (App), or a web interface to access from a remote location. We also integrate with voice based interface – Alexa.

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Automation / CONTROL

From money-saving smart offices to whole-house harmony, automation makes an impact. Our solutions integrate controls for your surroundings including lights, window coverings and screens, climate, sound, video/entertainment, internet, security, central vacuum and more. Internet connectivity and innovative control systems enable you to automate and control almost anything in your home, vacation property, office or entire building using just a smartphone or tablet. Home automation in short involves controlling the ecosystem that extends to every corner of your property with the touch of a button. Program preset routines for distributed audio and video, digital signage, architectural and interior lighting, thermostats, and security. Change or monitor settings and the environment itself, for peace-of-mind when you’re not there.

Music Everywhere

Enjoy your personal digital music library, music services, or internet radio anywhere in your house, or on your property with speakers elegantly concealed in walls or ceilings. Enjoy the same music everywhere or play something different from room to room to suit each member of your family, and control it all with in-wall keypads or any mobile device.

Multi-zone or multi-room audio system will provide centralized music to your home / hotel / restaurant / park, where you can run different music in different zones/rooms or the same music in all zones. Users can listen to different songs in each zone/room according to their own taste. You will also have large storage space where you can store the entire audio collection.

Media and Entertainment

Taking your music with you has never been so easy! The media center allows you to play music throughout the house via the integrated speaker system while also allowing you to connect to your media server to watch movies and listen to music on your devices anywhere in your home.

Automating and integrating all your entertainment systems helps in elevating the mood and energy in the room as per your need. Eliminate energy loss with automated switching off of the devices.


Aegis offers energy saving solutions and helps you to go green. Go green. We offer multi-zone, integrated automation of HVAC, lighting and shades. These appliances can respond to changing conditions for convenience and comfort – as well as money-saving energy conservation. Lights can be automatically turned off when they’re not needed using photocell sensors, integrated with communicating thermostats, enable daylight harvesting.

Aegis automation has applications to monitor the energy consumption in building-apartments and gated communities. This automated monitoring helps in the accurate billing and also real-time energy consumption updates, eliminating manual errors in billing.

Lighting Control

Aegis offers programmes than can automate the lighting in your house. The motion sensors will detect your entry into the home and automatically switch on the lights. When you are on vacation the lighting will automatically adjust. You can also dim the lights exactly when the movie starts in your home theater, so that you can create a mood for the occasion. Automated lighting controls can transform your enjoyment of your home, optimizing the light in any space.

Aegis offers both wired and wireless lighting solutions which enhances the look, feel, functionality and energy efficiency of any space. We can design a lighting plan custom-tailored to your needs and space.

Dynamic Lighting Access:

Touch Home Automation puts you in control of the lighting in your premises. Depending on your requirements and, even your mood, you can adjust the brightness or power consumption of your light fixtures, all with the touch of a screen.

We offer one of the industry’s broadest arrays of products and solutions for automated lighting control. Seamlessly blending aesthetics and technology, we provide the user with ultimate control over every facet of living in luxury homes and office spaces. Our products span hardware and software for on-wall and behind-the-wall applications.

Motorized Shading

Get automated systems to open or close your window shades or window blinds. You can programme the curtains to open or close according to the changes in the daylight outside. We feature world-class fabrics which are made especially for windows or doors with specific texture, opacity, and fabric.

These systems save your time and increase your convenience and can be used for both commercial and residential windows and doors, french doors, retractable screens, gates and garages. Motorized shading is widely used in hotels and offices. It saves time, eliminates the need to open or close the shades depending on the position of the sunlight in the room.

Security Video Surveillance

We know you can’t be everywhere all the time, but yes you can always monitor your premises including your home, cellars, gates, garages, lockers, offices and other areas where an additional layer of security is desired. You get instant access to see these areas or otherwise, your camera is keeping a record of the activities to give you access, whenever you need it.

Aegis addresses all your security challenges and provides solutions backed by our extensive experience. We also use products that are proven for their efficiency, to give you only the best products to protect your home or business. Watch and record the activities from anywhere.

Temperature Control

You will be able to control the temperature of each and every room by just selecting the particular option on your app. You can keep track of the electricity being consumed by these appliances.

Aegis offers solutions to create ideal work conditions by automating lights, shades, and temperature to protect assets, enhance video and conferencing, and save energy through automation, centralized controls and energy-monitoring applications.

Light control, Shade control, Climate control, Automated routines, Room scheduling.